Portrait d’artiste ° slo.leecalli, the calligrapher

Si des spécialistes de la langue de Shakespeare passent par ici, veuillez nous excuser. Nous ne sommes pas anglicistes professionels.

If some specialist of Shakespeare’s language spend some time here, please apologize. We are not professional anglicist people.

Lee, the calligrapher in 20 questions


Lee is a Korean teacher passionate about calligraphy. He edits videos of his art in youtube.

*What is your childhood dream ?

I guess it sounds weird….Back in the school days I wanted to be a lawyer.


*Has been influenced to become an artist by your family ? friends ? meeting? Never… I have been a teacher in a academy for long time , about 15 years… while being a teacher , at the same time I liked dancing and used to be a street dancer .  After ma daughter’s birth, I had to take care of her. I saw a calligraphy video of Frakone(from FRA) and Theosone on Youtube. I just wanted to write it like them… that’s why I started calligraphy as a hobby. Honestly I think it’s a hobby even now .
*How are you working ? (Regularly, with a schedule, in the intuition, spontaneously?) I think Practice is more right word than work… I have been practicing and doing calligraphy for 5 hours after work , usually until 5 a.m
*What inspire you ? Life, music, and picture!


*Do you think having self-confidence ? no…I wish I could have… my works are not enough to me.


*What helps you to have self-confidence ? I have little. Just one thing makes me to have it : that’s people’s compliments.
*Which artist (painter …) do you like ? those who influenced your work ? Theosone and Frakone from Calligraphy masters, Christopher haanes from German and John Stevens from the U.S They are my stars in Calligraphy world but best influential artist is Scarlet Woo from Kor, my teacher .


*What is your favorite artist’s tool ? Brause broad-edged nib. but these days I used ruling pen more often.
*If you could describe the key of your success in 3 words ? Patience, consistency and hard-working.
*If you were an animal (close to your character, temper), wich one would you be ? monkey… outgoing character is similar to me haha …
*If you won’t be calligrapher, which job would you practise ? I am a teacher in a private academy.
*Did you already refuse proposal professional ? which kind and why ? Yes. At that time I was not ready to be a professional and I thought my works were pretty poor.
*Would you like to teach your job ? of course!
*Tell us 3 dreams already happened. I got just two happened  :  Father and Husband
*Tell us 3 wishes, future project you would like to accomplish.  I wanna have my exhibition of calligraphy, tour all around world as a calligrapher and have my students who will be learning calligraphy from me.
*Do you feel free in your job ? yes!!! absolutely!!! while writing I feel like dancing on the paper haha

*Can you share your personal conception of « being an artist ». “A Bridge between Tradition and Modern” Calligraphy has so huge history so it is hard to learn I wanna spread the Tradition to people more easily, recreating Modern one.
*Is there any artist work that you will never share with people ? that you want to keep for yourself? Luca Barcellona’s works

Luca Barcellona


*Which look do you have on your job, the calligrapher job ? Positive!! It has so many possibilities as an artist and a designer
*Any advice to young artists ? Just Keep doing it!!!!! if so, someday people will appreciate yours.

Thanks so much. Lee


Thank you Lee.

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